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June 17, 2020

NEW LAUNCH: Back to Business Marketing Toolkit for Clinics

Are you an aesthetic practitioner or beauty salon owner? As a result of COVID-19, you’ve probably had limited cashflow or client consultations since late March… Thankfully, lockdown rules are starting to ease and it’s time to kickstart your marketing, PR and social media to get business flowing when doors re-open again!

At Kendrick PR, we realise that marketing may feel like an overwhelming task and we want to empower you to revive your business post-lockdown. Our team of marketing and PR experts have designed a Back to Business Marketing Toolkit for Aesthetic Clinics and Beauty Salons for ambitious business owners like you.

This effective toolkit is designed to help you re-engage with existing patients, to drive bookings and generate cashflow in those vital first weeks of re-opening, and also attract new customers to support ongoing business growth. It contains step-by-step strategic guidance and tips to re-ignite your clinic marketing plus, simple yet effective tools and templates you can implement straight away.

Who is this toolkit for?

We have designed this toolkit specifically for aesthetics clinics, beauty salons and wellness businesses. This straightforward and easy-to-use online training tool is perfect for marketing beginners and practitioners struggling to find time to promote their business.

3 reasons why you need this toolkit

  1. To save significant amounts of your valuable time so you can refocus on working IN your business, as opposed to ON the marketing.
  2. To kickstart cashflow by driving existing customer bookings and attracting new customers through regular, tailored communications via newsletters, blogs and social media
  3. To improve brand visibility and awareness, boosting word of mouth referrals and keeping your clinic diary packed once lockdown lifts.

What’s included?

Your bespoke marketing toolkit contains expert strategies and business tips, alongside tailored, easy-to-use marketing tools, including:


  • Getting Ahead in the New Normal
  • Post-lockdown business tips – how to re-ignite your clinic and re-engage patients
  • How to create a waitlist marketing campaign


  • Template patient newsletter content
  • Template x2 clinic blogs


  • 10 tips for free PR cheat sheet
  • Creating your customer avatar exercise
  • Template clinic PR & marketing planner template

How much is it?

The Back to Business Marketing Toolkit for Aesthetic Clinics and Beauty Salons is only £149 incl. VAT for a limited launch period. You can purchase your toolkit for instant download right here.

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